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mess khana کھانا
mess ta-aam طعام
mess khoraak خوراک
mess daliya دليا
mess bharta بھرتا
mess majoon murakkab معجون مرکب
mess chopat kardena چوپٹ کردينا
mess gandah kardena گندہ کردينا
mess saath mil kar khana ساتھ مل کر کھانا


1. a (large) military dining room where service personnel eat or relax

2. a meal eaten in a mess hall by service personnel

3. soft semiliquid food

4. (often followed by of') a large number or amount or extent

5. informal terms for a difficult situation

6. a state of confusion and disorderliness

7. make a mess of or create disorder in

8. eat in a mess hall


A mess or mess hall (also called a messdeck aboard ships) is an area where military personnel socialize, eat, and (in some cases) live.

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