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respect paas karna پاس کرنا
respect lehaaz karna لحاظ کرنا
respect izzat karna عزت کرنا
respect ehtram karna احترام کرنا
respect dakhal nah dena دخل نہ دينا


1. behavior intended to please your parents

2. a courteous expression (by word or deed) of esteem or regard

3. courteous regard for people's feelings

4. (usually preceded by in') a detail or point

5. an attitude of admiration or esteem

6. a feeling of friendship and esteem

7. the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded)

8. regard highly; think much of

9. show respect towards


Respect is a feeling of admiration or deference toward a person, child, non-human animal, group, ideal, or indeed almost any entity or concept, as well as specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem.

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