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touch chhona چھونا
touch hath lagana ہاتھ لگانا
touch mass karna مس کرنا
touch saro kaar rakhna سرو کار رکھنا
touch zikar karna ذکر کرنا
touch thora sa byaan karna تھوڑا سا بيان کرنا
touch kisi cheez ki taraf ishara karna کسي چيز کي طرف اشارہ کرنا


1. the act of putting two things together with no space between them

2. a distinguishing style

3. the feel of mechanical action

4. deftness in handling matters

5. the faculty by which external objects or forces are perceived through contact with the body (especially the hands)

6. the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin

7. a suggestion of some quality

8. the act of soliciting money (as a gift or loan)

9. a communicative interaction

10. the event of something coming in contact with the body

11. a slight but appreciable addition

12. a slight attack of illness

13. have an effect upon

14. color lightly

15. comprehend

16. make a more or less disguised reference to

17. consume

18. be in direct physical contact with; make contact

19. make physical contact with, come in contact with

20. cause to be in brief contact with

21. tamper with

22. affect emotionally

23. perceive via the tactile sense

24. deal with; usually used with a form of negation

25. be equal to in quality or ability

26. have to do with or be relevant to

27. to extend as far as


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