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smart hooshiyar ہوشيار
smart dard درد
smart dukh دکھ
smart taiz تيز
smart tais uthna ٹيس اٹھنا
smart dard ki lehar درد کي لہر
smart deeda ديدہ
smart zaib زيب
smart chust o chalaak چست و چالاک
smart tar o tazah تروتازہ
smart khush manzar خوش منظر


1. showing mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness

2. a kind of pain such as that caused by a wound or a burn or a sore

3. capable of independent and apparently intelligent action

4. improperly forward or bold

5. elegant and stylish

6. quick and brisk

7. characterized by quickness and ease in learning

8. painfully severe

9. be the source of pain


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