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rehearsal baaz khawani باز خواني
rehearsal mukarrar khawani مکرر خواني
rehearsal mashq مشق
rehearsal hifz kya howa byaan sunana حفظ کيا ہوا بيان سنانا
rehearsal iada اعادہ
rehearsal duhrai دہرائي
rehearsal dora numaish دورہ نمائش


1. (psychology) a form of practice; repetition of information (silently or aloud) in order to keep it in short-term memory

2. a practice session in preparation for a public performance (as of a play or speech or concert)


A rehearsal is an activity in the performing arts that occurs as preparation for a performance in music, theatre, dance and related arts, such as opera, musical theatre and film production.

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