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place thikana ٹھکانا
place maqam مقام
place mehal محل
place rakhna رکھنا
place dharna دھرنا
place qaim karna قائم کرنا
place muqarrar karna مقرر کرنا
place jagah جگہ
place gaah گاہ
place ja جا
place jaye جائے
place sarzamen سرزمين
place gaon گاؤں
place garhi گڑھي
place wilayat ولايت
place wusat وسعت
place nashist نشست
place mouqa موقع
place moza موضع
place manzilat منزلت
place manzil منزل
place shala شالا
place samai سمائي
place sonpna سونپنا
place chok چوک
place padve پدوي
place paya پايہ
place qasba قصبہ
place farodgah فرودگاہ
place sehan صحن
place dehaat ديہات
place deyaar ديار
place khanah خانہ
place aangan آنگن
place beech بيچ
place jamana جمانا


1. a job in an organization

2. the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another

3. an abstract mental location

4. a blank area

5. the passage that is being read

6. an item on a list or in a sequence

7. any area set aside for a particular purpose

8. where you live at a particular time

9. a public square with room for pedestrians

10. the particular portion of space occupied by something

11. a general vicinity

12. a space reserved for sitting (as in a theater or on a train or airplane)

13. a point located with respect to surface features of some region

14. a particular situation

15. proper or designated social situation

16. proper or appropriate position or location

17. recognize as being; establish the identity of someone or something

18. assign a rank or rating to

19. take a place in a competition; often followed by an ordinal

20. estimate

21. to arrange for

22. sing a note with the correct pitch

23. finish second or better in a horse or dog race

24. assign to a station

25. intend (something) to move towards a certain goal

26. put into a certain place or abstract location

27. locate

28. make an investment

29. assign a location to

30. place somebody in a particular situation or location

31. assign to (a job or a home)

32. identify the location or place of


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