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quarter chothai چوتھائي
quarter chootha hissa چوتھا حصہ
quarter raba ربع
quarter pao پاؤ
quarter simt سمت
quarter maqam مقام
quarter ilaqa علاقہ
quarter sukoon gaah سکون گاہ
quarter iqamat gaah اقامت گاہ
quarter amaan امان
quarter chaharum چہارم


1. clemency or mercy shown to a defeated opponent

2. piece of leather that comprises the part of a shoe or boot covering the heel and joining the vamp

3. the rear part of a ship

4. a district of a city having some distinguishing character

5. an unspecified person

6. a United States coin worth one fourth of a dollar

7. a quarter of a hundredweight (28 pounds)

8. a quarter of a hundredweight (25 pounds)

9. one of four equal parts

10. one of the four major division of the compass

11. a fourth part of a year; three months

12. one of four periods into which the school year is divided

13. a unit of time equal to 15 minutes or a quarter of an hour

14. one of four periods of play into which some games are divided

15. divide by four; divide into quarters

16. divide into quarters

17. pull (a person) apart with four horses tied to his extremities, so as to execute him

18. provide housing for (military personnel)


A quarter is one-fourth, 1⁄4, 25% or 0.25 and may refer to:

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