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offer peshkash پیشکش
offer nazar karna نذر کرنا
offer paish karna پيش کرنا
offer haazir karna حاضر کرنا
offer nisaar karna نثار کرنا


1. a usually brief attempt

2. something offered (as a proposal or bid)

3. the verbal act of offering

4. put forward for consideration

5. threaten to do something

6. ask (someone) to marry you

7. produce or introduce on the stage

8. make available or accessible, provide or furnish

9. present for acceptance or rejection

10. make available for sale

11. offer verbally

12. make available; provide

13. propose a payment

14. mount or put up

15. agree freely

16. present as an act of worship


In business, an offer is a proposal to sell or buy a specific product or service under specific conditions:

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