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action Noun chaal چال
action Noun harkat حرکت
action Noun feal فعل
action Noun amal عمل
action Noun kakam ککام


1. something done (usually as opposed to something said)

2. the most important or interesting work or activity in a specific area or field

3. a military engagement

4. a judicial proceeding brought by one party against another; one party prosecutes another for a wrong done or for protection of a right or for prevention of a wrong

5. an act by a government body or supranational organization

6. the operating part that transmits power to a mechanism

7. the trait of being active and energetic and forceful

8. the series of events that form a plot

9. a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings)

10. the state of being active

11. put in effect

12. institute legal proceedings against; file a suit against


ACTION is a bus service operator in Canberra, Australia.

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