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hang taangna ٹانگنا
hang phansi dena پھانسي دينا
hang sharminda hona شرمندہ ہونا
hang chaspan karna چسپاں کرنا

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Roman Urdu English اردو
Your searched word detected as urdu word: ہينگ
hang hing ہينگ


1. a gymnastic exercise performed on the rings or horizontal bar or parallel bars when the gymnast's weight is supported by the arms

2. the way a garment hangs

3. a special way of doing something

4. suspend (meat) in order to get a gamey taste

5. hold on tightly or tenaciously

6. cause to be hanging or suspended

7. place in position as by a hinge so as to allow free movement in one direction

8. be placed in position as by a hinge

9. be suspended or poised

10. be suspended or hanging

11. fall or flow in a certain way

12. decorate or furnish with something suspended

13. let drop or droop

14. give heed (to)

15. kill by hanging

16. prevent from reaching a verdict, of a jury

17. be menacing, burdensome, or oppressive

18. be exhibited


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