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swing hilna ہلنا
swing dolna ڈولنا
swing jhoomna جھومنا
swing lehrana لہرانا
swing morna موڑنا


1. changing location by moving back and forth

2. a square dance figure; a pair of dancers join hands and dance around a point between them

3. in baseball; a batter's attempt to hit a pitched ball

4. the act of swinging a golf club at a golf ball and (usually) hitting it

5. a sweeping blow or stroke

6. mechanical device used as a plaything to support someone swinging back and forth

7. a jaunty rhythm in music

8. a style of jazz played by big bands popular in the 1930s; flowing rhythms but less complex than later styles of jazz

9. a state of steady vigorous action that is characteristic of an activity

10. alternate dramatically between high and low values

11. hit or aim at with a sweeping arm movement

12. engage freely in promiscuous sex, often with the husband or wife of one's friends

13. make a big sweeping gesture or movement

14. play with a subtle and intuitively felt sense of rhythm

15. move or walk in a swinging or swaying manner

16. change direction with a swinging motion; turn

17. move in a curve or arc, usually with the intent of hitting

18. be a social swinger; socialize a lot

19. influence decisively

20. live in a lively, modern, and relaxed style

21. hang freely

22. have a certain musical rhythm


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