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exchange tabadlah karna تبادلہ کرنا
exchange adal badal karna ادل بدل کرنا


1. (chess) the capture by both players (usually on consecutive moves) of pieces of equal value

2. (chess) gaining (or losing) a rook in return for a knight or bishop

3. the act of putting one thing or person in the place of another:

4. reciprocal transfer of equivalent sums of money especially the currencies of different countries

5. the act of giving something in return for something received

6. the act of changing one thing for another thing

7. (sports) an unbroken sequence of several successive strokes

8. a workplace that serves as a telecommunications facility where lines from telephones can be connected together to permit communication

9. a workplace for buying and selling; open only to members

10. a mutual expression of views (especially an unpleasant one)

11. chemical process in which one atom or ion or group changes places with another

12. change over, change around, as to a new order or sequence

13. exchange or replace with another, usually of the same kind or category

14. exchange a penalty for a less severe one

15. give to, and receive from, one another

16. hand over one and receive another, approximately equivalent



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