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transfer lay jana لے جانا
transfer muntaqil karna منتقل کرنا
transfer tabdeeli karna تبديلي کرنا
transfer tabadlah karna تبادلہ کرنا
transfer daakhil kharij karna داخل خارج کرنا


1. the act of transfering something from one form to another

2. the act of moving something from one location to another

3. transferring ownership

4. application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situation

5. a ticket that allows a passenger to change conveyances

6. someone who transfers or is transferred from one position to another

7. transfer from one place or period to another

8. send from one person or place to another

9. lift and reset in another soil or situation

10. move around

11. shift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes

12. change from one vehicle or transportation line to another

13. cause to change ownership

14. move from one place to another

15. transfer somebody to a different position or location of work



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