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chuck khut khut ki awaaz کھٹ کھٹ کي آواز
chuck dana دانہ
chuck khana کھانا
chuck kharadna خرادنا
chuck khrad ka woh hissa jiss par lakri rakh kar kharadtay hain خراد کا وہ حِصّہ جِس پر لکڑي رکھ کر خرادتے ہيں


1. a holding device consisting of adjustable jaws that center a workpiece in a lathe or center a tool in a drill

2. informal terms for a meal

3. the part of a forequarter from the neck to the ribs and including the shoulder blade

4. eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth

5. pat or squeeze fondly or playfully, especially under the chin

6. throw carelessly

7. throw away


ChucK is a concurrent, strongly timed audio programming language for real-time synthesis, composition, and performance, which runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and iOS.

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