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spirit jaan جان
spirit zindagi زندگي
spirit quwwat قوت
spirit rooh روح
spirit shakhs شخص
spirit fard فرد
spirit parbat پربت
spirit himmat ہمت
spirit hayaat حيات
spirit dam saans دم سانس
spirit nafs نفس


1. a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining one's character

2. an inclination or tendency of a certain kind

3. animation and energy in action or expression

4. the intended meaning of a communication

5. any incorporeal supernatural being that can become visible (or audible) to human beings

6. the vital principle or animating force within living things

7. the state of a person's emotions (especially with regard to pleasure or dejection)

8. the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people

9. infuse with spirit


The English word spirit, from Latin spiritus "breath", has many different meanings and connotations, most of them relating to a non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body.

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