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accolade Noun woh rasam jo khitab detay waqt badshah ada karta hai maslan bosa deina ya aari talwar kandhay par rakhna وہ رسم جو خطاب ديتے وقت بادشاہ ادا کرتا ہے مثلا بوسہ دينا يا آڑي تلوار کندھے پر رکھنا
accolade Noun shabash شاباش
accolade Noun wah wah واہ واہ
accolade Noun khiraj e tehseen خراج تحسين


1. a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction


The accolade (also known as dubbing or adoubement) (Latin: benedictio militis) was the central act in the rite of passage ceremonies conferring knighthood in the Middle Ages.

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