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ulster lamba coat jis mein beej mein kamar keliye tasma ya paiti lagi ho لمبا کوٹ جس ميں بيج ميں کمر کيلئے تسمہ يا پيٹي لگي ہو


1. loose long overcoat of heavy fabric; usually belted

2. a historic division of Ireland located in the northeastern part of the island; six of Ulster's nine counties are in Northern Ireland


Ulster (/ˈʌlstər/; Irish: Ulaidh pronounced [ˈul̪ˠəi] or Cúige Uladh pronounced [ˈkuːɟə ˈul̪ˠə], Ulster Scots: Ulstèr or Ulster) is a province in the north of the island of Ireland.

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