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swarm parindon ya shehad ki makhion ka jhund پرندوں يا شہد کي مکھيوں کا جھنڈ
swarm jamaat جماعت
swarm fouj فوج
swarm bheer بھيڑ
swarm hujoom karna ہجوم کرنا
swarm haath pairon kay bal par darakht par charhna ہاتھ پيروں کے بل پر درخت پر چڑھنا
swarm rassi pakar kar charhna رسي پکڑ کر چڑھنا


1. a group of many insects

2. a moving crowd

3. move in large numbers

4. be teeming, be abuzz


The SWARM Remote Weapon System (Stabilised Weapon And Reconnaissance Mount) is a fully armored remote weapon system designed and built by the Thales Group in Glasgow, Scotland.

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