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stout mazboot مضبوط
stout shay zor شہ زور
stout manchala منچلا
stout shuja شجاع
stout bahadur بہادر
stout jafa kash جفا کش
stout ziddi ضدي


1. a garment size for a large or heavy person

2. a strong very dark heavy-bodied ale made from pale malt and roasted unmalted barley and (often) caramel malt with hops

3. euphemisms for fat'

4. dependable

5. having rugged physical strength; inured to fatigue or hardships


Stout is a dark beer made using roasted malt or roasted barley, hops, water and yeast. Stouts were traditionally the generic term for the strongest or stoutest porters, typically 7% or 8%, produced by a brewery.

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