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salute salam karna سلام کرنا
salute aadaab baja lana آداب بجا لانا
salute salami dena سلامي دينا
salute istaqbaal karna استقبال کرنا


1. an act of greeting with friendly words and gestures like bowing or lifting the hat

2. a formal military gesture of respect

3. an act of honor or courteous recognition

4. express commendation of

5. greet in a friendly way

6. recognize with a gesture prescribed by a military regulation; assume a prescribed position

7. honor with a military ceremony, as when honoring dead soldiers

8. propose a toast to

9. become noticeable


A salute is a gesture or other action used to display respect. Salutes are primarily associated with armed forces, but other organisations and civilians also use salutes.

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