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ridge pusht پشت
ridge peeth پيٹھ
ridge reerh ريڑھ
ridge ubhri hui zameen ابھري ہوئي زمين
ridge pahari پہاڑي


1. a beam laid along the edge where two sloping sides of a roof meet at the top; provides an attachment for the upper ends of rafters

2. any long raised border or margin of a bone or tooth or membrane

3. a long narrow natural elevation or striation

4. a long narrow range of hills

5. a long narrow natural elevation on the floor of the ocean

6. any long raised strip

7. form into a ridge

8. spade into alternate ridges and troughs

9. throw soil toward (a crop row) from both sides

10. plough alternate strips by throwing the furrow onto an unploughed strip

11. extend in ridges


A ridge or mountain ridge is a geological feature consisting of a chain of mountains or hills that form a continuous elevated crest for some distance.

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