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preempt az roye haq haasil hona از روئے حق حاصل ہونا
preempt pehlay say qabza karna پہلے سے قبضہ کرنا
preempt hateya lena ھتيا لينا


1. a high bid that is intended to prevent the opposing players from bidding

2. make a preemptive bid in the game of bridge

3. acquire for oneself before others can do so

4. gain possession of by prior right or opportunity, especially so as to obtain the right to buy (land)

5. take the place of or have precedence over


Preempt (also spelled "Pre-empt") is a bid in contract bridge whose primary objectives are (1) to thwart opponents' ability to bid to their best contract, with some safety, and (2) to fully describe one's hand to one's partner in a single bid.

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