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pilot nakhuda ناخدا
pilot jahaaz ka rehnuma جہاز کا رہنما
pilot tayara baaz طيارہ باز
pilot pilot پائلٹ

English Meaning of Roman-Urdu Word Pilot

Roman Urdu English اردو
pilot pilot پائلٹ


1. an inclined metal frame at the front of a locomotive to clear the track

2. small auxiliary gas burner that provides a flame to ignite a larger gas burner

3. an original model on which something is patterned

4. a program exemplifying a contemplated series; intended to attract sponsors

5. someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight

6. a person qualified to guide ships through difficult waters going into or out of a harbor

7. act as the navigator in a car, plane, or vessel and plan, direct, plot the path and position of the conveyance

8. fly a plane


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