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piece hissa حصہ
piece tukra ٹکڑا
piece parcha پارچہ
piece purzah پرزہ
piece juz جز
piece jor جوڑ
piece thaan تھان
piece toup توپ
piece namona نمونہ


1. a portable gun

2. game equipment consisting of an object used in playing certain board games

3. a work of art of some artistic value

4. a separate part of a whole

5. an item that is an instance of some type

6. a distance

7. an artistic or literary composition

8. a musical work that has been created

9. an instance of some kind

10. a serving that has been cut from a larger portion

11. a portion of a natural object

12. a share of something

13. a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition

14. repair by adding pieces

15. eat intermittently; take small bites of

16. join during spinning

17. to join or unite the pieces of

18. create by putting components or members together


Piece or pieces (not to be confused with peace) may refer to:

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