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old zaeef ضعيف
old boorha بوڑھا
old tajriba kaar تجربہ کار
old umar raseedah عمر رسيدہ
old purana پرانا
old qadeem قديم
old budha بڈھا
old maamar معمر
old sun raseedah سن رسيدہ
old tajriba kaar تجربہ کار


1. of long duration; not new

2. (used especially of persons) having lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age

3. past times (especially in the phrase in days of old')

4. just preceding something else in time or order

5. of a very early stage in development

6. old in experience

7. (used for emphasis) very familiar

8. (used informally especially for emphasis)

9. belonging to some prior time



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