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minute lamha لمحہ
minute minnat منت
minute yadasht likhna ياداشت لکھنا
minute roidaad likhna روئيداد لکھنا
minute murattab karna مرتب کرنا

English Meaning of Roman-Urdu Word Minute

Roman Urdu English اردو
minute moment منٹ


1. distance measured by the time taken to cover it

2. a short note

3. a unit of angular distance equal to a 60th of a degree

4. a unit of time equal to 60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour

5. a particular point in time

6. an indefinitely short time

7. characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination

8. infinitely or immeasurably small

9. immeasurably small


The minute is a unit of time or of angle. As a unit of time, the minute is equal to  1⁄60 (the first sexagesimal fraction) of an hour, or 60 seconds.

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