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mast mastool مستول
mast shehteer شہتير
mast shah baloot ka phool شاہ بلوط کا پھول

English Meaning of Roman-Urdu Word Mast

Roman Urdu English اردو
mast malang مست
mast concupiscent مست
mast ruttish مست
mast salacious مست
mast lustful مست
mast capernoited مست
mast rapt مست
mast lecherous مست
mast screwy مست
mast fleshly-minded مست
mast lust-ful مست
mast tipsy مست
mast debauched مست


1. a vertical spar for supporting sails

2. any sturdy upright pole

3. nuts of forest trees used as feed for swine

4. nuts of forest trees (as beechnuts and acorns) accumulated on the ground; used especially as food for swine


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