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main ahem اہم
main azeem عظيم
main farakh فراخ
main kushadah کشادہ

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Roman Urdu English اردو
Your searched word detected as urdu word: ميں
mein at ميں
mein i ميں
mein in ميں
mein of ميں
mein per ميں
mein with ميں
mein into ميں
mein amid, amidst ميں
mein among, amongst ميں
mein between, betwixt ميں
mein in (through) ميں
mein on (touching) ميں
mein into (fraction) ميں
mein under (class) ميں
mein inside of ميں
mein to (the hour) ميں


1. (of a clause) capable of standing syntactically alone as a complete sentence

2. a principal pipe in a system that distributes water or gas or electricity or that collects sewage

3. any very large body of (salt) water

4. most important element

5. of force; of the greatest possible intensity


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