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irregular bay qaida بے قاعدہ
irregular bay tarteeb بے ترتيب


1. contrary to rule or accepted order or general practice

2. (of solids) not having clear dimensions that can be measured; volume must be determined with the principle of liquid displacement

3. (used of the military) not belonging to or engaged in by regular army forces

4. merchandise that has imperfections; usually sold at a reduced price without the brand name

5. a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment

6. not occurring at expected times

7. independent in behavior or thought

8. of a surface; not level or flat

9. lacking continuity or regularity

10. deviating from normal expectations; somewhat odd, strange, or abnormal


Something that is irregular does not follow the expected pattern. The term is used in many different fields, with various meanings.

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