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information khabar خبر
information ittila اطلاع
information malomaat معلومات
information aagahi آگاہي
information chataoni چتاؤني
information mukhbari مخبری
information gosh guzari گوش گزاري
Information ablaagh ابلاغ
information izhaar اظہار
Information it-tila-aat اطلاعات
information dars درس
information sikhayi سکھائي
information ilm علم
information mukhbari مخبري
information nalish نالش
information waqfiyat واقفيت
information parhai پڑھائي
information chataoni چتاؤني
information chetaoni چيتاؤني
information geyan گيان
information bodh بودھ
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


Information (shortened as info) is that which informs. In other words, it is the answer to a question of some kind.

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