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grip pakarna پکڑنا
grip thamna تھامنا
grip mutwajjah karna متوجہ کرنا
grip pakrnay ka dasta پکڑنے کا دستہ


1. the act of grasping

2. a portable rectangular container for carrying clothes

3. a flat wire hairpin whose prongs press tightly together; used to hold bobbed hair in place

4. the appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it

5. a firm controlling influence

6. worker who moves the camera around while a film or television show is being made

7. the friction between a body and the surface on which it moves (as between an automobile tire and the road)

8. hold fast or firmly

9. to grip or seize, as in a wrestling match

10. to render motionless, as with a fixed stare or by arousing terror or awe


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