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feed parwarish karna پرورش کرنا
feed paalna posna پالنا پوسنا
feed khilana کھلانا
feed pilana پلانا
feed doodh dena دودھ دينا
feed churana چرانا
feed moun mein luqma dena منہ ميں لقمہ دينا
feed ghiza ka kaam dena غذا کا کام دينا

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فائدہ چاہنے والا - فائدہ اتھانے والا


1. food for domestic livestock

2. introduce continuously

3. provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to

4. give food to

5. take in food; used of animals only

6. serve as food for; be the food for

7. feed into; supply

8. provide as food

9. gratify

10. profit from in an exploitatory manner

11. move along, of liquids

12. support or promote


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