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upstage Adverb اسٹيج کے پچھلي طرف سامعين و ناظرين کي نِگاہوں سے اُوجھل


1. of the back half of a stage

2. the rear part of the stage

3. at or toward the rear of the stage

4. remote in manner

5. steal the show, draw attention to oneself away from someone else

6. move upstage, forcing the other actors to turn away from the audience

7. treat snobbishly, put in one's place


UpStage is an open source server-side application that has been purpose built for Cyberformance: multiple artists collaborate in real time via the UpStage platform to create and present live theatrical performances, for audiences who can be online (from anywhere in the world) or in a shared space, and who can interact with the performance via a text chat tool.

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