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Urdu Meaning or Translation

put on Verb


put on Verb

زیب تن کرنا

put on Verb


put on Noun


Short Information in Urdu

Put On

پٹ آن - ایک گانا ہے

Urdu Machine Translation

Put On

رکھنا پر


1. adopted in order to deceive

2. increase (one's body weight)

3. put clothing on one's body

4. add to something existing

5. add to the odometer

6. fool or hoax

7. apply to a surface

8. prepare and supply with the necessary equipment for execution or performance

9. carry out (performances)

10. put on the stove or ready for cooking


"Put On" is a song written and performed by American hip hop recording artists Young Jeezy and Kanye West, taken from the former's third studio album, The Recession.

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Put On

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