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partitive woh lafz jo kal kay kisi juz ko zahir karta hai وہ لفظ جو کل کے کسي جز کو ظاہر کرتا ہے
partitive takhsees ka kaam dainay wala تخصيص کا کام دينےوالا


1. indicating or characterized by or serving to create partition or division into parts

2. (Romance languages) relating to or denoting a part of a whole or a quantity that is less than the whole

3. word (such a some' or less') that is used to indicate a part as distinct from a whole

4. serving to separate or divide into parts


In linguistics, the partitive is a word, phrase, or case that indicates partialness. Nominal partitives are syntactic constructions, such as "some of the children", and may be classified semantically as either set partitives or entity partitives based on the quantifier and the type of embedded noun used.

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