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Ligustrum lucidum

ligustrum lucidum - ایک جنس ذات ہے


1. erect evergreen treelike shrub of China and Korea and Japan having acuminate leaves and flowers in long erect panicles; resembles Japanese privet


Ligustrum lucidum (broad-leaf privet, Chinese privet glossy privet, tree privet or wax-leaf privet) is a species of privet (Ligustrum genus), a flowering plant in the olive family, Oleaceae, native to the southern half of China and naturalized in many places: Spain, Italy, Algeria, Canary Islands, New Zealand, Lesotho, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Australia, Norfolk Island, Chiapas, Central America, Argentina, and the southern United States (California, Arizona, Maryland, and the southeast from Texas to North Carolina).

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ligustrum lucidum

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