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fall out

۱ لڑنا، جھگڑنا۔
۲ (بالوں دانتوں وغیرہ کا) جھڑنا، گرنا۔
۳ فوج: قطار بندی ختم کرنا، تتر بتر ہونا۔
۴ نتیجے ظاہر ہونا، واقع ہونا۔

Short Information in Urdu

Fall Out

فال آؤٹ - ایک گانا ہے

Urdu Machine Translation

Fall Out

گرا باہر


1. come to pass

2. have a breach in relations

3. leave (a barracks) in order to take a place in a military formation, or leave a military formation

4. come off

5. come as a logical consequence; follow logically


"Fall Out" is a song by the English New wave rock band The Police. It was The Police's first single release.

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