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Tswana language

tswana لينگويج - ایک بنٹو زبان ہے

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Tswana language

بو ٹسوانا اور اس کے آس پاس کے علاقوں ميں آباد جنوبي افريقہ کا ايک قبيلہ يا اس قوم کا کوئي فرد زبان


The Tswana language, Setswana, is a language spoken in southern Africa by about five million people. It is a Bantu language belonging to the Niger–Congo language family within the Sotho languages branch of Zone S (S.30), and is closely related to the Northern- and Southern Sotho languages, as well as the Kgalagadi language and the Lozi language.

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Tswana language

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