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Kuri Dolal

کڑي dolal - ایک انتظامی تحصیل ہے

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Kuri Dolal (Urdu: كُرىدولال‎) is a town in Gujar Khan Tehsil, Punjab, Pakistan. Kuri Dolal is also the chief town of Union Council Kuri Dolal, which is an administrative subdivision of the Tehsil.Mamoon Rashid Qureshi is Elected Chairman of UC Kuri Dolal.Names of elected representatives and note ables of UC Kuri Dolal are as:- Abdul Rashid Qureshi, Sardar Azad (Kuri Dolal), Sardar Hasan Akhtar (Mohra Gujran), Raja Sajid (Razi Hasnal), Rahim Qureshi (Mohra Mando), Sardar Tariq (Mohra Gujran), Subadar Wadi Hussain (Ganja Mehra),Numberdar Walat Hussain (Kuri Dolal), Sardar Farooq (Mohra Gujran), Sajid Shah (Mohra Mando), Raja Zoohar (Wasla Bangial), Tahir Rashid (Tapyalli), Raja Safdar (Jaagh).

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Kuri Dolal

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