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call out

۱ (فوجی دستوں وغیرہ کو) عمل کے لیے بلانا، طلب کرنا۔
۲ مزدوروں کو ہڑتال کا حکم دینا۔

Short Information in Urdu

Call Out

کال آؤٹ - ایک گانا ہے

Urdu Machine Translation

Call Out

نام رکھنا باہر


1. challenge to a duel

2. utter aloud; often with surprise, horror, or joy

3. call out loudly, as of names or numbers


"Call Out" is a song by Feeder, released as the group's first single from their seventh album Renegades in 2010. The single was given no airplay attention with the music video only available to see on the band's website for a limited time and on YouTube.

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Call Out

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